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Snow Plow Service

Delivery ServicesLet Bark Time snow plow your business parking lots, residential driveways, apartment complexes, HOA's, etc. We run a 24 hour service to best meet your needs. Businesses are typically serviced before operating hours so that you are ready to open your doors safely, showing your customers that you care!

Maintenance is the key to snow plowing. When the snow begins to melt during the day and becomes slushy, this is most likely to freeze over night. If Bark Time gets the fresh snow or slush plowed away before freezing happens you will be in better shape. Our plows only handle snow and slush. They cannot break through heavily compacted snow and ice!

Snowed in at home? Our pickups are equipped to handle snow that is 1' or less in depth. It is good to keep your driveway maintained especially if the snow keeps on falling.

Commercial & Residential Contracts Include:

Monitoring Service
Bark Time drives by your site each time it snows to see if you need the snow plow and sidewalk service.

Snow Plow Service
At a 2" depth we automatically plow the entrances, driveways & parking stalls specified by you. We also always make sure that the handicapped parking stalls are clear and ice melt is applied to wheel chair ramps.

Snow Shoveling
We snow shovel and apply ice melt to handicapped parking stalls, front sidewalks and entrance doors.

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If calling after hours please use our 24 hour dispatch number!