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Blower Truck Service Check List

DON'T FORGET TO MEASURE! See our calculator page for easy do it yourself calculations.
If you are still unsure please call for assistance.

WEED AREAS OF APPLICATION! For existing weeds we recommend RoundUp or Finale. You can also apply a pre-emergent (prevents germination of seeds). A few good brands are Caserone or Preene. These products can be found at your local hardware store.
NOTE: Carefully follow application instructions for these products.

EDGE AREAS: Get that crisp clean look by edging areas around flowerbeds, walkways, porches, etc... This helps your overall appearance.

PLANTING: It is best to have all plants in place prior to Bark Time's arrival. The end result is a smooth, velvety look. Planting later may ruin that beautiful appearance Bark Time has provided! Bark Time will avoid areas that have new delicate plants that may be damaged by the air. We will blow extra material near by so that you can place it gently by hand.

CLOSE ALL WINDOWS & DOORS: The application process can create some bark dust. All doors and windows must be closed to avoid any bark dust from entering into your home. Please notify your neighbors that are close by as well.

REMOVE YARD ORNAMENTS & COVER WATER FEATURES: Pink flamingos, gnomes, ponds, waterfalls, hot-tubs, etc... Any items that may be fragile or breakable.

PETS: Please pick up all pet waste within our work area. Secure your pets in a safe place. The blower truck is loud and dusty, which may disturb them.

 CLEAN-UP: We use backpack blowers to do our clean up. On wet days someone will need to be present to rinse areas down that the material sticks to. If using a dark colored material like compost, it will need to be rinsed immediately because of the possibility of it staining.

 CANCELLATIONS: We require a 48 hour notice for cancellations. Please allow us enough time to reschedule your appointment. A $150.00 late cancel fee may be charged.